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The Death of Civil Discourse: Libtards, Nutjobs, and Trolls

Civil discourse is dead in America. Considered thought, rational analysis, and meaningful discussions are a lost art. Name calling is the new debate tactic. Whenever I write something others may disagree with it is often met with invectives and name-calling … Continue reading

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Born in the USA: The Bright Shining Lie of Uninformed Patriotism

Last night we went to the first of six Pawtucket Red Sox games which feature a themed firework display after the game. (I know this may seem like heresy from a Yankee fan, but it is a nice place to … Continue reading

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Giving the Donald his Due

There are not many things I can think of to compliment President Trump about. I disagree with just about everything he’s done so far. His performance has been dismal as illustrated by the many disasters in such a short period … Continue reading

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The Presidential Black Hole

It would seem to many the Trump presidency is collapsing under its own weight of arrogant incompetence. Within months it will be a black hole from which nothing, not even light, can emerge. But would this be good for the … Continue reading

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Our Father, who art in heaven, what the hell are you thinking?

The establishment clause of the Constitution is clear, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The interpretations provide the government, and the governed, a clear path to follow. The Government has … Continue reading

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Apologies to the Future of America

Hello, This is America from the early 21st century. If you read this, if there are any of you left to read this, you’ll no doubt be confused by the legacy we left for you. You may have questions as … Continue reading

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Is President Trump Channeling the Ghost of Huey Long?

Many rational people across the globe are trying to understand the Trump phenomenon. His manner and affectations offer little in the way of encouragement. Unless one believes building a wall and destroying years of social progress a good thing. I … Continue reading

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