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Drake’s Equation: The Key to Stopping Terrorism

I’m sure most of you immediately recognized the reference to Drake’s Equation and wondered, what does this have to do with terrorists? Briefly, everything. For my Red Sox fan friends who may be struggling with the analogy, Drake’s Equation was … Continue reading

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Future History

Scenarios for the Trump Presidency. “Grandpa, were you alive when Donald Trump was President? We’re studying him in history.” “I was, Billy, I was just a small boy, but I remember. They were scary times.” “Why?” “Because Mr. Trump said … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Here’s a rule to live by, if your thong bikini can double as a hammock for a normal sized human find another swimwear style How to solve the perceived problem with Police shootings, make omniscience a job requirement. It seems … Continue reading

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