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The Best Year(s) of Life

One route for our daily walk takes us past Cumberland High School.  Walking by the place I spent four years of my life sparked memories. It got me to think about those very different times. As often happens, my mind’s … Continue reading

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My Mom and Her Determination

Here’s a reposting of a piece I wrote some time ago. It’s the time of the year… It has been almost 8 years since my mother died. Thoughts, sights, and sounds remind me of her almost daily. Words she often … Continue reading

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A Memorable Gift

Now that the Christmas Holiday is over, and there are 364 more shopping days until the next one, it’s time to consider the memories. In the days leading up to this Christmas, I took some time to recall my other fifty-nine … Continue reading

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Nature: The Ultimate Entertainment

I had the opportunity to walk through the old Rocky Point Amusement Park grounds the other day. The last time I walked this area I was likely 9 or 10 years old. The nostalgia for the lost rides, shore dinner … Continue reading

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Thanks for the (New) Memories

Nothing quite prepares you for your daughter’s marriage. No matter her age, how long she’s been together with her boyfriend/ soon-to-be husband, no matter how much you try to convince yourself you’re ready. You aren’t. The first time you see … Continue reading

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Picking through the Flotsam and Jetsam of a Life

I went to an estate sale the other day. It was not in some huge mansion full of antiques or precious jewels. It was a small, 1950’s style ranch in a non-descript neighborhood in Providence. One of those post-war neighborhoods that … Continue reading

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Diluting the Joy of Memory

There was a time when having one’s picture taken required planning and someone with skill. After staging the subject and composing the shot, one sat still as the photographer took the picture. Depending on the location the group broke up, … Continue reading

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